We take pride in the product we’ve created. See what some of our customers have to say about us.


“I am a former trumpet player and purchased this for my daughter who is in her first year of marching band.  We both love it!  Now laying her trumpet down on the pavement isn’t a big issue!

My daughter hasn’t gained any new scratches or dings from the ground or fellow players or hitting the bell on a stand!  She uses both pieces equally (all the time)  She hasn’t had any problems with it at all.

She is constantly getting asked where she got the product.  We highly recommend it.  As a matter of fact, I will be placing another order soon for a second set so she doesn’t have to switch between her two trumpets.

-Happy Mother. Winder, Georgia 


Here are some photos of my daughter with the Band Shieldz on!”

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“Bought a set to keep my new horn from getting dinged up but my son liked it so much that I had to buy another for his horn. They are easy to install and remove quickly and come with a nice storage bag to keep in your case. Smart Product!!! ”

-Joe. Island Lake, Illinois 


“The Shieldz are great! I have expensive equipment and because of Shieldz I feel comfortable using it in a practice environment.

Shieldz has saved my pipe and bell from untold rocks and pebbles that plague marching bands around the world.

I use both equally, at almost all times in marching band.

The ring piece works wonderful, works flawlessly time after time. Some may say that having anything on the bell like that tampers with resonance. It may, but that isn’t a problem I’ve dealt with.

I would definitely recommend Shieldz!

I recommend it to anyone else who uses a trumpet in marching band!”

Spencer. Canton, Texas


“I use both pieces equally. No problems with the ring. In my opinion, there is nothing you can do differently, I love it!”

Lorena. Gatesville, Texas


“The product is very well made! I think it has certainly been beneficial. I use the end piece the most often.

Everything is up to par! Nothing more you could do right now. I definitely recommend Shieldz!”

-Dakota. Kimberly, Alabama


“The Band Shieldz is one if the most useful/cheap products I’ve ever bought for my horn.

Shieldz has been extremely beneficial to me in preventing my instrument from being damaged by the ground.

I have recommended Band Shieldz to every trumpet player at my high school.”

-Nicholas. Texas

Shieldz has definitely been beneficial to my trumpet. I use both pieces equally.

 I recommend Shieldz!”

-Logan. Marshall, Minnesota